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UVC LED Room Air Purifier with Built-In Humidifier

Breathe clean, fresh air with the Daikin MCB70YSAU Room Air Purifier. Features a built-in humidifier along with a 3-stage filtration system and a UVC light.


  • AHAM provides independent verification of performance for air filtration units.
  • Intertek certifies that air cleaning appliances don’t produce harmful ozone.

Purify and Humidify Your Air

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Key Features

Digital Display Icon

Digital Display

With particle, dust, and odor sensors

3-Directional Air Suction Icon

3-Directional Air Suction

Smooth air flow, easy placement options

Built-In Humidifier Icon

Built-In Humidifier

Sensors for air circulation, temperature, and humidity control

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Ultraviolet C Technology that inactivates bacteria and viruses from the HEPA filter

3 Filtration Systems Icon

3 Filtration Systems

Pre-filter, HEPA, and Carbon Filters

Five-year warranty* Icon

Five-year warranty*

Complete warranty details available here

  • Have a first line of defense with a pre-filter
  • HEPA filter captures airborne particles such as allergens, bacteria, viruses, and molds1
  • Activated carbon filter to help reduce odors and some airborne chemicals2
  • UVC LED light technology inactivates3 bacteria and viruses captured in the HEPA filter
  • Controls humidity level with the built-in temperature and humidity sensor
  • Quiet operation with a 4-speed fan with quiet mode
  • AUTO mode
  • Customize to your environment with 5 operating modes
  • Display with indoor air quality indicators for odors, dust and particles
  • Air suction from 3 directions for more placement options
  • A hand grip for easy portability (35 lbs.)
  • Easy refills two ways with a nearly 1 gallon tank
  • Complete warranty details available here
  • User manual
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The built-in humidifier can help you reach ideal humidity levels in your home or office.


Three-Stage Air Filtration

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Stage One: A Pre-Filter for Larger Particles

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Stage Two: A HEPA Filter

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Stage Three: An Activated Carbon filter

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Air Purification Technology

A pre-filter, along with two layers of internal filtration and a powerful ultraviolet C (UVC) LED light, help to reduce many airborne pollutants and elements for improved indoor air quality.

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Our ultraviolet C (UVC) LED light technology inactivates bacteria and viruses as small as 0.1 microns that are trapped in the purification system’s HEPA filter.3

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4-Speed Fan

Daikin’s low power consumption room air purifiers feature 4 fan speeds that you can adjust based on your environment. Enable the “quiet mode” feature for to minimize noise.

1Inactivates 99% of staphylococcus aureus and MS2-Phage captured in the filter within 30 minutes. Tested in a room size of 1,059 ft3.

Keep the quiet

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Get easy features and fuss-less maintenance

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Frequently asked questions

No replacement is needed. The UCV LED light has a 10+ year lifetime.

This depends on how often you use your room air purifier. We recommend changing the carbon filter 1-2 times a year

This depends on how often you use your room air purifier. We recommend changing the HEPA filter 1-2 times a year

Our room air purifiers do not omit any ozone.

No, it cannot be washed with water (if you wash it with water, it will lose its shape and you will not be able to use it).

User manuals can be located here: MCKB50YSAU User Manual MCKB70YSAU User Manual

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